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Vanguard Engineering Society - Budget Proposal Process

Budget Proposal Process

Vanguard Funding is available to Registered Clubs and Organizations (RCO’s) that are members of Vanguard Engineering Society.


Guidelines: Please refer to the condensed version of the G-28 University of California Traveling Regulations for overall restrictions on UC travel. The full version of the UC Travel Regulations can be found online.


Submission Process: Submit a budget proposal using the budget proposal template. The proposal will be submitted to the Treasurer Committee Google Drive directly. Once the proposal has been filled out, please submit the organization’s proposal as a Google Word document titled: “Proposal Review – [Org’s Acronym].” Proposal submissions will then be uploaded to the Submit a Proposal folder on Google Drive. If you would like the School of Engineering to purchase your budget items, then please be sure to include links for each item in your budget proposal. Be sure to provide a date and location for shipping as stated in the proposal template. Note: Packages can be delivered to the Dean’s Suite in SE2-315.  


Submission Deadline: The Deadline to submit a proposal is 11:59pm on Wednesday the day before each Treasurer Committee Meeting. The proposal that are submitted by the deadline will be reviewed at the Treasurer Committee Meeting. If there are no proposals submitted at that time, then the Vanguard Treasurer will cancel the meeting via email. If you have any questions or would like to be included in the email group, then please email the Vanguard Treasurer at the contact information stated below.  


Treasurer Committee Meeting: The Treasurer, or a representative from the organization submitting the bill, is expected to be present at the Treasurer Committee Meeting preceding the submission of their bill. The representative will be expected to answer questions and make clarifications regarding their proposal. The duration of the meeting will depend on the number of proposals under review. The committee will ask questions and make suggestions before the bill is presented and voted on at the following Vanguard Meeting.


Upcoming Treasurer Meetings:


     Date:                          Time:                              Location:

  3/15/18                      6pm                 COB2 – 264

3/22/18                       6pm                 COB – 113

3/29/18                       6pm                 COB – 113

   4/5/18                        6pm                 COB2 – 266

  4/12/18                      6pm                 COB2 – 266

4/19/18                       6pm                 COB – 113

4/26/18                       6pm                 COB – 113


Vanguard Meeting: After being approved by the Treasurer Committee, the proposed budget will be voted on at the following Vanguard Meeting. The Vanguard Meeting will consist of a president from each organization under the Vanguard Engineering Society. The president of the organization proposing a bill will present to Vanguard before voting occurs. Upon approval by Vanguard, the proposal will then be approved by Vanguard’s Academic Advisor before the funds are made available through the School of Engineering Purchasing.


School of Engineering Purchasing: If the School of Engineering (SoE) will be purchasing budget items before the event, then please email the SoE Purchasing at In that email, please attach the submitted budget proposal with links to each budget item, and Carbon copy (Cc) Wendy Ewald, Karla Gonzalez, and Jake Lincoln (Vanguard Treasurer) to the email. The proper approvals will be made via email and the SoE will begin purchasing the items as listed in the links provided on the proposal. 


Reimbursement: If the proposed budget will be reimbursed, then please provide the proper documentation and submit the proper reimbursement forms. Refer to the UC Travel Regulations section stated above, and the reimbursement forms can be found in Vanguard Treasurer’s google drive under the Reimbursement Forms folder.


If there are any further questions or clarifications, then please contact Jake Lincoln (Vanguard Treasurer) via email at or by phone at 619-609-6227.