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Major Preparation

How to Prepare for Engineering:
Useful Tips for High School Students

  • Research majors and related occupations before choosing one. For example, an interest in playing computer games is not the same as being a computer science and engineering major.
  • Identify the schools you are interested in attending and the major(s) you are interested in pursuing early in your high school career.
  • Visit each campus so you choose a school based on personal fit.
  • Contact the advising office for your chosen major to determine the expectations for incoming students.
  • Focus on strengthening your writing and engineering math skills.
  • Enroll in calculus and physics courses in high school. Calculus and physics are the foundation courses for all engineering majors.
  • Practice good study habits and develop time-management skills.
  • Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate classes and exams can be good preparation for the rigors of university-level work.
  • Talk to someone in the field of engineering, such as a college engineering student or an engineer.
  • Ask questions!