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Normal Progress to Degree

UC Merced Normal Progress to Degree Policy

UC Merced undergraduate degree programs are designed to be completed in eight semesters or four academic years. To meet the normal progress requirement, undergraduate students are expected to enroll in and pass an average of 15 units per semester, completing the 120 units necessary for graduation in four years. An extension of enrollment beyond nine semesters requires the approval of the student’s school. Office of the Registrar Normal Progress Policy. 

The School of Engineering will automatically grant approval for students to continue enrollment to 10 semesters, if needed, to complete major requirements (exclusive of minor or multiple major requirements).

Each student wishing to declare in the School of Engineering after his or her fourth semester must submit a Proposed Plan through Graduation to show that he or she can complete their degree requirements within 10 total semesters (not including summers). The Proposed Plan through Graduation should be completed through MyDegreePath Plan Builder. These plans must be received by the student's academic advisor at least two weeks before the major change deadline.

If approved, the Proposed Plan through Graduation must be followed, otherwise, the student will be subject to dismissal and could be removed from the School of Engineering.

Any student who needs an 11th semester because they have not completed the major requirements in the 10th semester should speak with their academic advisor. Petitions for a semester extension are due within one week of official grades being posted.


School of Engineering Normal Progress to Degree Policy

Normal progress is defined as follows:

  1. Each student must register in at least 12 units per semester and of these 12 units, two classes must be major prep (math/science), ENGR or major-specific, technical requirements. The major-specific courses cannot be university or campus requirements, nor can they be Social Science, Humanities and Arts (SSHA) general education courses.
  2. Each student must successfully complete — at UC Merced — no fewer than the following number of units: 15 x (N-1) = units needed. N = semesters at UC Merced. Summer sessions are not counted as semesters.

Any student who fails to achieve normal progress will be subject to dismissal and will need approval to continue at UC Merced. Any student can petition the School of Engineering if his or her failure to make normal progress is due to extenuating circumstances beyond his or her control.