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School of Engineering

Outstanding Student Recipients

Outstanding Student Award Recipients FALL 2020


Computer Science & Engineering - Camille Vo

Camille Vo came into UC Merced under MSE, but after stumbling upon a nonprofit that teaches adults how to code, she knew that Computer Science was her path.
Camille can attribute her success to many amazing organizations on campus, namely the Center for Career and Professional Advancement, the Margo F. Souza Leadership Center, Vagina Monologues, the Structural Electronics Lab, and most importantly, the Society of Women Engineers and OIT Communications. Staff and friends from these departments have given her the professional guidance necessary to thrive as a student at UC Merced and as a student of life.

Come January, Camille will begin work as a developer for global semiconductor company Texas Instruments.


Computer Science & Engineering - Diego Gonzalez


Diego Gonzalez was nominated for this award by Professor Alberto Cerpa.


Environmental Engineering - Humberto Flores Landeros 

Humberto’s passion for the environment began at Lincoln Elementary school in his hometown of Santa Rosa, California. There he learned about the impacts of global warming on a heronry located in his neighborhood. After high school, he enrolled at his local community college with the goal to one day transfer to a four-year university and pursue a degree in Environmental Engineering. In the Fall of 2018, Humberto started his first semester at UC Merced. His research interest on the climate change effects on water resources found him at the Water Systems Management Lab, led by Dr. Josué Medellín-Azuara. There he got the opportunity to do fulfilling research working with disadvantaged communities in the San Joaquin Valley. Next, Humberto plans to work in industry before returning to pursue his graduate education in the Fall of 2021.



Materials Science & Engineering - Zachary Clemens 

Zachary Clemens is a graduate in Materials Science and Engineering with a focus on nanomaterials and materials simulations for quantum computing applications. Previously, he has worked as an undergraduate researcher on density functional theory simulations of perovskite oxides and further at UC Santa Cruz studying the synthesis of nanomaterials in electrochemistry applications. As a participant in the 2020 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Data Science Challenge, he hopes to continue to apply data science and machine learning to complex materials problems in the future.
In his free time, Zachary flies RC airplanes at local airfields and volunteers at the Castle Air Museum inside the restoration hangar. He is also an avid explorer and backpacker making frequent trips to Yosemite during the summer months. After graduation, he hopes to make an impact in cutting edge materials research at companies such as Intel, Tesla and Google.


Mechanical Engineering - Priscilla Mendoza

Priscilla is a first-generation college student who knew very little on what college entails. She knew how to study and succeed academically but had no idea how the professional world worked. Fortunately, after joining Ingenieros Unidos, they taught her how to begin her professional career which eventually helped her begin her engineering career by helping Professor Sun and his two graduate students. She would especially like to thank her parents for always supporting her and pushing her to follow her dreams. After graduation, Priscilla will be working at Honeywell where she will be rotating within the different sections in the Aerospace department.


Mechanical Engineering - Matthew Escamilla

I would like to thank the School of Engineering at the University of California, Merced for the opportunity to earn my degree in mechanical engineering. I’m grateful to have chosen to transfer to the University of California, Merced from a local community college in Orange County, California. As I have always had a passion for science and engineering ever since high school my lifetime goal is to become a reliable engineer. I’m very grateful this University had such helpful faculty and useful resources to help me further achieve my lifetime goal. My experience at the University of California, Merced has been a good one and I’m grateful to have been an engineering student here. As it was exciting to be part of a newly developed University within California my realization of the number of resources available was overwhelming. Considering I’m a Southern California born individual I came to Merced not expecting such a peaceful and small University. As not much is known about the University of California, Merced from where I’m from I can say with confidence that my experience here was most valuable. I will continue to develop as an engineer and provide all I can for the current industry. As I want to acquire a second degree in electrical engineering I wish to become a professional engineer within the state of California. I’m again very grateful for my time at the University of California, Merced and I hope this University will continue to help other students like myself to achieve their lifetime goals.