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Why Engineering at UC Merced?

Engineering at UC Merced

At UC Merced, engineering students have unique opportunities to learn from world-renowned faculty members in small-classroom settings.

Our engineering majors are on the cutting edge, with programs that combine advanced scientific technology with an understanding of the theory and problem-solving skills key to success in any related field.

Each major is interdisciplinary, meaning students receive a balanced education that builds a foundation of math, science, critical reading and writing, as well as decision-making and communication skills.
Engineers are able to understand and manage complexity. They are fascinated by questions of how and why things work and how they can be made to work more efficiently and effectively. They are skillful designers, planners, managers, analysts, researchers, consultants, sales specialists, and leaders in an increasingly technical society.
Being able to formulate and solve practical problems, engineers are able to adapt to opportunities and rise to responsible positions of leadership along whatever paths their careers might take.
Engineering is about problem-solving, innovation, and the creation of devices, systems, processes, and structures for human use. Engineers create new ideas and transform those ideas into products and services that improve people’s lives.
Engineers apply mathematics and the principles of science — particularly chemistry and physics — to solve problems and meet society's needs. Engineering spans the very small to the very large, from micro-sensors that can continuously monitor human health to space stations that can support the exploration of new worlds.

Contacting an Advisor

Prospective students are welcome to arrange meetings with academic advisors. Please note, advisors might not be available during registration weeks, in early April and early November because those are Advising's busiest times. 

Contact for Prospective First-Year Students:

Feel free to contact your Future Advisor.

Contact for Prospective Transfer Students:

 Feel free to contact Karla Gonzalez.