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Chemical Engineering, B.S.

Chemical Engineering

The undergraduate major in Chemical Engineering provides students with a solid foundation and the necessary skills to assume leadership roles in industry and government agencies. Chemical engineers are recruited and educated about design, synthesis and processing of chemicals and materials in variety of industries including industrial chemicals and petroleum, environmental engineering, electronics, agriculture, food processing, and power generation. Chemical Engineering impacts society by providing efficient processes for making a range of products including nanotechnology, plastics, food, alternative fuels, and recycled products. Because of the variety of fields that are relevant to this profession, the undergraduate program covers a broad range of subjects, including chemistry, physics, materials, thermal/mass/fluids/heat transfer, as well as computer-aided engineering, design, scale-up, and manufacturing. The innovative curriculum at UC Merced provides a rich educational experience that exposes students to engineering fundamentals, laboratory skills, unit operations, and advanced computational tools to solve realistic engineering problems.

Major Requirements

Catalog Year 2024-2025

Flow Chart - Chemical Engineering, B.S.(ALL)

Chemical Engineering, B.S.

Chemical Engineering, Computational Emphasis, B.S.

Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering Emphasis, B.S.

Chemical Engineering, Nanotechnology Emphasis, B.S.

Chemical Engineering, Semiconductor Emphasis, B.S.