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Students are highly encouraged to meet with their academic advisors every semester to discuss course registration. Students should check their Audits to determine their outstanding requirements before meeting with their advisors. Each student must bring a current copy of his or her Audit to any meeting with an academic advisor in the School of Engineering — no exceptions!

Course Prerequisites

Many courses have prerequisites — courses you are required to successfully complete before taking certain other courses. For example, in order to take Engr 045 (Intro to Materials), students must complete the prerequisites of Math 021, Physics 008 and Chem 002. If you have not completed the prerequisites for a course, you will receive a “PREQ” error when you attempt to register for a course. You can view the most current prerequisites for courses by visiting the Office of the Registrar's website and clicking the CRN of a course. Note that prerequisites for courses do change, and all students are held to the most current prerequisites, regardless of catalog year.

Course Repeats

The School of Engineering has a strict repeat policy. Students are allowed to repeat a course only once. If you plan to repeat a course you previously took at UC Merced, your advisor must place an override in the registration system to allow you to register for that course. Attempting to repeat a course without academic advisor approval will result in a "Repeat Count Exceeds 0" error. You must email your advisor if you need to repeat a course. For the full repeat policies, please visit: Repeat a Course.

School of Natural Sciences Course Repeat Restrictions

During Fall registration, students who previously failed and need to repeat CHEM 002 will not be able to do so until after all eligible students have had the opportunity to enroll. Repeat requests for this course will be authorized after registration has closed.

We understand this course might be required as part of your major, however, in an effort to support all students, we must give an opportunity to students who have not had the chance to register for this impacted course. In order to have your repeat for CHEM 002 approved for Fall, please complete the form found here. You will be included on the list of students who need to repeat CHEM 002, and you will be emailed if and when your hold has been released. Please note that submitting your request does not guarantee a seat in the requested course.

Useful Registration Information: