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Jump Start Your Third Year

Jump Start Your 3rd Year (JS3)

All students in the entering freshman class of 2022 are strongly encouraged to participate in Jump Start Your Third-Year meeting in their intended School during the 2023-2024 academic year. We hope this connection will help facilitate progress in your degree and support in the development of your educational goals.


All students intending an engineering degree should participate in an activity that introduces them to career oriented resources. That career can be going into industry or continuing into higher education. We would like you to consider who can assist you in reaching these goals. See more information on options to attend below.


Below are suggested activities we strongly encourage you to complete for your Jump Start 3rd Year:

  1. Complete a Graduation Plan on MyDegreePath:
    • Create a graduation plan through MyDegreePath which includes all your remaining graduation requirements (with technical electives).
    • Make sure your plan
      • Is starred as your favorite on MyDegreePath
      • Is up-to-date.
      • Complete with technical electives selected.
    • You are expected to complete your graduation plan before scheduling an appointment.
  2. Attend one career related event hosted by
  3. Schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor  
    • To schedule after you have completed steps 1 and 2 above.
      • Click here for an appointment with your academic advisor
      • This will be a 30- minute appointment.
      • Be prepared to discuss your future goals.
      • After your appointment, your advisor will email you with comments on your graduation plan.
    • During non-peak times, come in during  walk-ins.


If you are officially declared with the School of Engineering and are interested in a major in the School of Social Sciences Humanities and Arts (SSHA) or the School of Natural Sciences (NS), you will need to meet with their Academic Advising Team for Jump Start Your Third Year, and any questions and course advising concerning your specific intended major outside of the School of Engineering.


Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts Academic Advising

Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts Jump Start your Third Year

SSHA Majors              


Natural Science Academic Advising

Natural Sciences Jump Start Your Third Year

NS Majors