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Academic Reentry

Students intending to re-entry must meet with Linda Zubke to discuss a reinstatement contract outlining the criteria for consideration for future re-entry.

  • Full Name
  • UCM ID #
  • Email (does not have to be UCM email)
  • Prospective Major
  • Institution(s) attended while absent from UC Merced
  • Screen shots/scanned copies of unofficial transcripts and current coursework

In general, any reentry plan will require that the dismissed student demonstrate readiness and ability to return to UC-level coursework. This means that "W's" and repeated classes will be taken into consideration.

Additionally, all UC Merced and School of Engineering policies, including those on repeating courses, will apply to students who petition for re-entry into an engineering major.

University Reengtry criteria is available here.


Minimum Requirements for Academic Reentry

To be considered for reentry into the School of Engineering after leaving the university in poor standing, a student must, at minimum, meet the following conditions during their absence:

1) Complete at least 24 semester-equivalent units, at least 16 units of which must be in courses that are directly related to the major, with no grade less than a "C-" for those units. All courses must be taken for a letter grade. You should not repeat courses for which you have already passed and earned credit. These are considered illegal repeats and will not be considered towards meeting the requirements for reinstatement. For a complete list of lower division preparatory courses please visit:

2) Maintain enrollment in a solid academic program consisting of UC-transferable courses related to their major or general education requirements similar to course loads undertaken at UC Merced.

3) Earn a cumulative transfer GPA of at least 2.7.

Generally, students will not be allowed into a major until they have completed at minimum the equivalent of WRI 010, introductory major coursework and the mathematics course (or prerequisite) required for the major as outlined below.