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Academic Resources

Transfer Student Resources — Find resources on tips and strategies on how to succeed as a transfer student at UC Merced and learn about what to expect during your time here.

Engineering Service Learning — Get involved and get credit! Project teams are staffed and led by students, providing real-world opportunities for leadership development.

STEM Resource Center — From tutoring to help on finding research and internship opportunities, the Center has STEM students covered.

Bright Success Center — Feeling the stress of midterms? Need help with time management? Need help writing that paper? The Bright Success Center has a wide array of services and programs to meet almost any student need.

Chemistry Center — Provides support services to all UC Merced undergraduates who have chemistry-related questions.

Math Center — Provides support for all undergraduate math courses, develop problem-solving skills, receive assistance from graduate students, trained undergraduate students, and instructors.

Writing Center — Offers assistance to all stages of the writing and research process.

Society of Physics Students — Hosts bi-weekly tutoring to all students who are looking for extra help with their physics classes. When: Mondays, 6-7pm, Where: COB1 116 (large lecture hall), Why: To study for physics!

UC Merced GPA Calculator — You may utilize the GPA Calculator to understand the grades you will need to maintain satisfactory academic progress.

Office Hours: Make sure to maximize Office Hours to meet with Faculty and TA’s. Office Hours help you to get answers to your questions, make connections with Faculty for potential Research opportunities or letters of recommendations. Faculty Office Hours are usually listed in the syllabus for the course. Make the time to go over your questions and/or concerns with the assignment.  

REMEMBER: for every 1-hour lecture = 3 hours of study time outside of class.